About Search and Scan

Search and Scan was founded in 2015 when Katie Fox, Jo Southway and Bryony Game joined forces to search for a missing dog called Chaos.  They decided more help was needed in the area for missing pets.  Katie and Jo had this wild idea of starting it as a service and “team chaos” began.  As more and more people asked for help with their animals more like minded people began to want to be part of the team and so the name was changed to Search and Scan and we began to take on extra volunteers from different areas.  Each one holding a microchip scanner and basic equipment.  Starting with a couple of slip leads and some tasty chicken the equipment list has grown substantially.  Now comprising items such as multiple traps, thermal vision, night vision, endoscopes, torches, nets, special slip leads on poles and all sorts.  We now have volunteers spread all across Somerset and Wiltshire. Each one an animal lover wanting to do their bit to help.